How to use a credit card to earn money

It's simple enough. There are three basic rules to follow.

1. Spend funds directly with a plastic payment instrument in a partner TSP ccshopcentral. Cashback is not credited for cash withdrawals. Even more. An additional fee is charged for this operation. Therefore, it is only necessary to apply the issue of funds at an ATM in emergency cases.

2. Repay all debt during the grace period. Thus, there is no retention of fee for the use of borrowed funds. Accordingly, spending more than the amount of the main monthly income is prohibited. Otherwise, you will not be able to close all the debt. As a result, interest is accrued. The entire essence of earnings is canceled

3. Refusal of additional services. You should disable SMS notifications, insurance, etc. They provide for additional costs. Accordingly, the income from using a credit carddumps will decrease.

Taking into account an important nuance related to the psychological aspect, it is most correct to request a credit limit equal to the monthly income. If a larger amount of borrowed funds was approved, you should request a reduction. Up to the same limit corresponding to the amount of salary.